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Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel (Chaos MC, #2)

Fire Inside3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

If you like sweet love/redemption stories with bad boys and good girls, this is totally for you.

So, Lanie’s back. (Remember her? The Russian mob murdered her fiancée and nearly her back in Motorcycle Man) It’s been seven years since she was shot when her fiancée used her as a shield in a rain of gunfire—I know, total douchebag move, but he was already mixed with some bad dudes just because he wanted to give her the wedding of the century. He’s not exactly known for great decision making. Anyway, after a long dry spell, she’d like to get back into the dating scene. Sort of. Really she just wants one night of hot biker sex with Hop Kincaid (Tack’s lieutenant). Hop is more than willing to help out. There’s only one problem: he’s falling fast for her, and she’s doing everything she can to back away.

This story sort of breaks the typical Kristen Ashley plot rules. First of all, there aren’t really any bad guys going in the story. I mean there are plenty of characters who aren’t going to win awards for pleasant behavior, but no one is actively trying to physically hurt Lanie or Hop. (I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop with the whole Benito situation, but I guess that’s for the next book.) This is a simple, straight love story. Hop isn’t the typical alpha male lead I’m used to, either. He’s still super bossy, but he lets Lanie take the lead in almost every aspect of their relationship. Hop also enjoys Lanie’s dramatic overreactions. Lanie, on the other hand, is a typical KA heroine. She’s smart, strong, and sassy. Still, her past has stunted her emotionally, and she’s fighting tooth and nail to keep Hop out of her heart. Ultimately, the plot line wasn’t as fast paced as usual. Still it was a sweet love story where I found myself rooting for both main characters about two chapters in.

Plot: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

I liked the story, but I wanted more action. I’m used to lots of it when it comes to Kristen Ashley books. I feel like this was maybe just a set up book for the next action packed Chaos MC book.

Writing: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

The fighting between the main characters in this book is where it’s at. They get down and dirty quickly. The other dialogue is dead-on funny. I love that I get to see Hop’s thoughts every once in a while. Still, there’s a lot (a lot) of description that could be left out.

Characters: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Characters are always the best part in Kristen Ashley books. Lanie is heart wrenchingly broken. You feel for her from the moment you start reading, especially if you read Motorcycle Man first. Hop is sweet and sexy. I loved seeing more of Tack and Tyra. I wish I had seen a little bit of Shy and Tab. It would have been awesome to see Shy confront Hop over his ridiculously bad behavior in Own The Wind.

First, Lanie’s fiancée really did use her as a shield (but he still died). Second, Hop broke up with his old lady because she passed off another man’s son as Hop’s. She straight up tells Hop after he’s raised the kid for a few years, so he keeps the son and loses the old lady. Third, Lanie gets pregnant, and Hop’s over the moon.  Ultimately, he has to kidnap Lanie and head to Vegas to make her marry him.